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January 1991. In the center of Thessaloniki, in a district called the old market, Christos Hatzidiakos took the big decision to open an ouzo bar among traditional buildings that once housed shops and crafts. He thought and gave it a name reminiscent of the past, trying to preserve history over time. And Ouzeri Agora was born, which from its first steps showed that the love and passion for traditional ouzeri were what made it especially dear to the general public.

Keeping it Traditional

Modernisation and the need for new searches gave Christos the motivation to marry traditional with modern cuisine, without losing the glamor of the past and the identity of the concept of ouzeri. He achieved this by maintaining quality and meticulously selecting his catalog's products and raw materials.

The customer can eat with his friends at traditional tables in a sizeable area. Additionally, there are tall tables with stools that have the unique benefit of allowing you to enjoy the wide selection of the menu in smaller portions at half the price.

The entire staff has been by Christos' side for many years, supporting him appropriately in this effort, contributing their knowledge and experience to make the customers' stay pleasant. The staff is ready to welcome you with a smile and serve you every day from 12:00 p.m. in the morning until night.

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